Understanding Gallbladder Stone Types, Causes, Symptoms, & Risks

Gallbladder stones

Gallbladder stones are formed due to excess bilirubin, bile salts, and cholesterol. They look like hard pebbles. Gallstones can be of many sizes. It can be small, like a grain of sand, and also can be big, like a golf ball.

Types of gallstones

There are mainly 2 types of gallstones. 

  • Cholesterol stones

  • Pigment stones


The definite reason for gallstone formation is yet to be confirmed. According to the best gallbladder specialist doctor in Kolkata, high concentration of bilirubin, cholesterol, or bile salts is usually the contributing factor for gallbladder stones.


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Initially, there is hardly any symptom of gallstone. But later on, it can be a source of immense pain and discomfort. The symptoms are as follows: 

  • Extreme pain in the upper right portion of the abdomen

  • Pain in between shoulder blades

  • Vomiting tendency along with nausea

  • A feeling of fullness due to gas

  • Fever and chills

  • Unexplained sweating

  • Jaundice- the skin and the white portion of eyes may become yellowish

  • Urine may become tea-coloured

  • Stools of clay colour

If you notice one or more symptoms, book an appointment with the best gallbladder specialist doctor in Kolkata without any further delay.


  • A person with obesity is more likely to get a gallstone.

  • Women who are 20 or more may get a gallstone.

  • Men who are above 60 are at high risk.

  • A person who has followed an extreme diet chart to lose extra weight quickly may be at risk.

  • Women who are either pregnant or have used any birth control pills, or have gone through estrogen replacement may be at risk too.

Gallstones are removable. Untreated gallstones may develop more serious issues. So, if you have symptoms related to gallstones, consult a doctor immediately.

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